Friday, January 20, 2012

all natural deodorant

So we are supposed to sweat.  Sweating cleans out toxins and clears our pores.  This recipe doesn't keep you from sweating but it does keep you from stinking!!!

10 ml roll-on or 15 ml bottle (can use sprayer)
1/3 Purify (detox and inhibit bacterial growth)
1/3 Clary Sage (inhibits body odor and brightens your mood)
1/3 equal parts Frankincense (enhances other oils), Lemon (purify and fight bacteria), Lavender (calming and good for skin), Patchouli (or sandalwood, or myrrh, or vetiver) (helps others oils stay active longer and be absorbed slower)  I like both patchouli and vetiver. 
You can add a little Fractionaled coconut oil if you want.

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